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Welcome to my home page. (Please note there are intentional grammar mistakes on this page. Students will get extra credit for finding them.)

I have been teaching for six years. My first teaching assignment was at a private school in Guam. I taught 2nd grade. The next year, I taught 6th, 7th, and 8th grade English Composition. After Guam, I moved to Colombia, South America where I taught English Language Arts and Science to 5th grade students. Then I moved to Naples, Italy. The first year there, I worked with middle school students who needed extra help. I moved into Kindergarten the second year. As you can see I have a wide range of experiences, because those are not the only places I have lived.

In 19??, I joined the US Air Force. I was stationed in San Antonio for a little over two years. Then I moved to the Azores, Portugal. I met my husband (who was in the AF too) there, and we were married in Virginia. After I was discharged from the AF, I moved to Grand Forks, ND to live with my husband. We were then stationed back in the Azores. We loved it there. Next, we were stationed in Sicily. After Sicily, my husband got out of the AF and went to school. We moved around in the U.S. some. We have lived in Virginia, Kansas, Maryland, and New York. We finally joined DODDS in 1998, and was stationed in Pusan/Busan, Korea. We had also lived in Seoul. Next, we moved to Bamberg, Germany, Washington D.C., Guam. From there refer to the previous paragraph.

I am excited to be teaching you.

Classroom Management

Classroom Management is the key to an environment where learning can take place, and you can feel safe participating. I strive to create an environment that is conducive to learning and involves all my students. The most important part of classroom management is not to focus on the behavior problems, but create a good rapport with you, and encourage you to succeed and set high expectations for yourselves.

The best rule that I have heard and I would believe to be my attitude towards classroom rules is that I need a classroom where learning takes place, and if we can respect each other then we don’t need any other "rules." I absolutely believe in keeping a safe environment where bullying, put-downs, and name calling are not allowed–this also falls under respect.  In my classroom, I expect the you to respect themselves, others, and me.  In return, I respect my students.

The Four B’s

Be Respectful
Be Honest
Be Helpful
Be Responsible

Homework Policy

Being responsible means to get your work done. Most of what we will be doing will be done in class, but there will be some homework. The less talking you do in class means the less homework you will have.

You will have:

1. Spelling homework every week.

2. Reading every night.

3. For SS, Listening toor reading the news for current events.




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